MCCI issues and ammend Certificate of Origins (COO), Unavoidable Delay Certificates, Sanitary Certificates in respect of shipment of jute and jute goods, garments and few other documentation related services which are legal requirments for overseas trade. The Certificate of Origin (COO) is a mandatory document for export of vrious goods. Over the years, COO issued by our Chamber has attained high level of trust and confidence among the importers/buyers across the world. On request, it also legalizes export documents which are needed by the buyers of almost all the countries.
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S/N License No. Issue Date Company Product Export To Authorized by
41 B - 6996 2008-09-10 Glister Tex Sourcing Ladis V-Neck Sweater Turkey MCCI
42 B - 6983 2008-09-10 Assertion Designers Ltd. Twill Sunflower Skirt Turkey MCCI
43 B - 7241 2008-09-10 The Sweater (Factory) Co. Ltd. 100% Acrylic Peach Dye Sweater Turkey MCCI
44 B - 7349 2008-09-10 Diganta Sweaters Ltd. Ladies L/s V-Neck All Stripe Pullover, Kids Girl HDD Short SLV All Stripe EMB at Chest Zip Cardigan, Kids Girls HDD Short SLV EMB Zip Cardigan Turkey MCCI
45 B - 7617 2008-09-11 Golden Times Sweater & Dyeing Ltd. R-Neck Long Sleeve Cardigan, V-Neck Long Sleeve Cardigan, R-Neck Sweater Turkey MCCI
46 B - 7641 2008-09-11 MIM Sweaters Ltd. V-Neck None SLV Sweater, O-Neck L SLV Pullover, V-Neck SLV Pullover Turkey MCCI
47 B - 7377 2008-09-11 Arizona Sweater Ltd. Mens Sweater Turkey MCCI
48 B - 7829 2008-09-13 Tricotex Sweaters Ltd. Ladies C-Neck L/S All Stripe Pullover Turkey MCCI
49 B - 7378 2008-09-10 EU Apparels Ind. Ltd., Unit -2 Cotton Woven Jacket Turkey MCCI
50 B - 7742 2008-09-13 Sharp Wears Ltd. Ladie Slong Sleeve Hi-Neck Pullover Turkey MCCI
51 B - 7725 2008-09-13 Bengal Jeans Ltd. Boys Trousers Turkey MCCI
52 B - 7820 2008-09-13 Sadat Jute Industries Ltd. 40 Pallets Turkey MCCI
53 B - 7477 2008-09-13 MIM Sweaters Ltd. Turile Neck L Slv Pullover, V-Neck L Slv Pullover, O-Neck L Slv Pullover Turkey MCCI
54 B - 7952 2008-09-14 Golden Times Sweater & Dyeing Ltd. Women R Neck Long Sleeve Sweater, Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Sweater, Mens V Neck Long Sleeve Sweater, R Neck long sleeve sweater Turkey MCCI
55 B - 7778 2008-09-14 R.R. Fashions Ltd. Tricot Pullover Key Turkey MCCI
56 B - 7931 2008-09-14 Gem Jute Limited 108 Bales Turkey MCCI
57 B - 7865 2008-09-14 International Trade Exchange Ltd. Jute Yarn Turkey MCCI
58 B - 8115 2008-09-15 Diganta Sweaters Ltd. Flat Lock Zip Cardigan, Mens crew neck l/s allover stripe pullover, Young Boys HDD SLV less EMB Sip Cardigan Turkey MCCI
59 B - 8056 2008-09-15 MIM Sweaters Ltd. O-Neck L SLV Pullover, V-Neck None SLV Sweater, V-Neck L SLV Pullover, Turtle Neck L SLV Pullover Turkey MCCI
60 B - 8604 2008-09-16 Shamoli Garments Ltd. Men's 84 Pct Cotton 16 Pct Polyester Turkey MCCI