MCCI issues and ammend Certificate of Origins (COO), Unavoidable Delay Certificates, Sanitary Certificates in respect of shipment of jute and jute goods, garments and few other documentation related services which are legal requirments for overseas trade. The Certificate of Origin (COO) is a mandatory document for export of vrious goods. Over the years, COO issued by our Chamber has attained high level of trust and confidence among the importers/buyers across the world. On request, it also legalizes export documents which are needed by the buyers of almost all the countries.
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S/N License No. Issue Date Company Product Export To Authorized by
16281 L-16199 2018-01-10 KS Apparels Ltd. Ladies Denim Long Pant Turkey MCCI
16282 L-16566 2018-01-13 Tanima Knit Composite Ltd. Readymade Garments Turkey MCCI
16283 l-16759 2018-01-13 Shinest Apparels Ltd. Readymade Garments Turkey MCCI
16284 L-16479 2018-01-13 Ornate Knit Garments Inds. Ltd. Readymade Garments Turkey MCCI
16285 L-16948 2018-01-13 Hang Jin Kim Readymade Garments Turkey MCCI
16286 L-16959 2018-01-13 The Finery Limited Woven Shirt Long Sleeved Turkey MCCI
16287 L-16578 2018-01-13 Knit Asia Ltd. (Unit-2) Polo T-Shirt Turkey MCCI
16288 L-16363 2018-01-13 Khetan Trading Readymade Garments Turkey MCCI
16289 L-16816 2018-01-12 MultitexKnit Composite Ltd. baby Boys Knitted T-Shirt Turkey MCCI
16290 L-16711 2018-01-12 Design & Source Ltd. Women Dress Turkey MCCI
16291 L-16541 2018-01-12 Nipro JMI Company Ltd. Readymade Garments Turkey MCCI
16292 L-16719 2018-01-12 Russel Apparels Ladies Woven Trousers Turkey MCCI
16293 L-16456 2018-01-12 Eurozone Fashion Ltd. Woman Trousers Turkey MCCI
16294 L-16457 2018-01-12 Eurozone Fashion Ltd. Woman Trousers Turkey MCCI
16295 L-16841 2018-01-12 International Trade Exchange Ltd. Jute Yarn Turkey MCCI
16296 L-16548 2018-01-12 Gramtech Knit Dyeing Finishing & Garments Ind. Ltd. Mens T-Shirt Turkey MCCI
16297 L-16821 2018-01-12 Luman Fashions Ltd. Readymade Garments Turkey MCCI
16298 L-16458 2018-01-12 Louietex Manufacturing Limited Ladies Shirt Turkey MCCI
16299 L-17214 2018-01-14 Dressmen Fashionwear Ltd. Readymade Garments Turkey MCCI
16300 L-17304 2018-01-14 MBM Garments Ltd. Woven Shorts Turkey MCCI