Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dhaka (MCCI) is the oldest and pre-eminent trade organization in Bangladesh. It was established in 1904. According to global data, only 0.5% of organizations survive for over a 100 years. MCCI is one of the rare business organizations in Bangladesh which have been actively functioning for the last 117 years (as of 2021). Its primary responsibility is to promote trade, commerce and industry in the country. MCCI encourages responsible and ethical voice of businesses. Most of the large enterprises and conglomerates of Bangladesh are its members. It is registered under the companies act as a non-profit entity.

The Chamber’s services, developed over a long period, are comprehensive and cover specialized areas such as taxation, import-export, tariff and non-tariff measures, investment, WTO matters, investment, climate change, SDGs implementation and private sector, technology and 4IR and other national and international economic and commercial concerns.

MCCI effectively responds to the changing needs of the member organizations. Collaboration with local and international institutions has helped MCCI to enhance its own capabilities.

MCCI regularly communicates with its stakeholders and recognizes best practices that benefit business and society.

Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dhaka (MCCI) is a prestigious organization mainly for two reasons. First, because of its nature of activities and dedicated services to the member organizations. Second, because of its research-based contribution in the policy formulation process of the Government. For all practical purposes, MCCI primarily deals with large enterprises in the country. 80% of the Large Tax Payer Unit of the National Board of Revenue (NBR) are MCCI members. It is estimated that nearly 40% of the NBR’s tax revenue is generated through the contributions made by the members of MCCI.

There are very few trade organizations in this sub-continent which can be compared in terms of either longevity or effectiveness. MCCI effectively responds to the changing needs of the member organizations. Collaboration with local and international institutions has helped MCCI to enhance its own capabilities.

MCCI regularly communicates with the stakeholders and recognizes best practices that benefit business and society.

Any business organization with its main office located within the Dhaka Metropolitan area is encouraged to apply for membership in MCCI. However, large enterprise/industrial undertaking with its main operation outside the Dhaka Metropolitan area may also apply for MCCI membership.

The activities of the Chamber are governed by the policy decisions and guidelines formulated by the Board of Directors elected under the Articles of Association of MCCI.

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Secretary-General is responsible for carrying out the strategic guidelines given by the Board of Directors. She/he devotes herself/himself entirely to the business and affairs of the Chamber.

She/he is in-charge of all correspondence and keeps an account of the funds of the Chamber as well as the funds connected with or in any way controlled by the Chamber. Generally, she/he, under the guidance of the Board of Directors, performs all such duties as are incidental to her/his office.

Any firm, company registered under the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, corporations, banks, non-banking financial institutions, ship owners, industrial undertakings, solicitors, accountant-firms, foreign companies with local registration, foreign companies with local liaison office, joint venture companies, wholly owned by foreign investors’ companies and all other persons engaged in  commerce, industry, agriculture, mining or manufacture shall be eligible for election as Ordinary members or as Associate members.

There is no legal specification in terms of size and/or investment of a company to be a member of MCCI. However, as per practice, usually medium and large entities with reasonably high amount of authorized capital and paid-up capital are encouraged to become members of MCCI. The size or investment varies from sector to sector. Usually, MCCI follows the definition of medium and large industries issued by Bangladesh Bank.

Traditionally, the Chamber has been following a practice of being choosy about membership. This is primarily because of maintaining good reputation in terms of business best practices. Currently, there are around 350 organizations in MCCI’s membership roll.  These companies are large enterprises in the context of Bangladesh.

The Chamber has a membership roll comprising of the most leading commercial and industrial organizations including the public sector corporations and multinational companies. Presently, most of the large industrial organizations in the private sector, particularly in the manufacturing field, banks, non-banking financial institutions, insurance companies, other service sector enterprises like telecom, IT and IT-enabled technology related services, health and media are members of the Chamber.

Any company/organization engaged in commerce, industry, agriculture, mining or manufacture who intends to become a member of MCCI may apply for preliminary membership form. The process starts upon submission of a duly-filled in preliminary membership form. The preliminary form is placed to the Finance and Membership Sub-Committee of the Chamber. The Sub-Committee, after considering the preliminary particulars and associated details about the applicant, recommends to the Chamber’s Board of Directors. The Board makes a thorough scrutiny of the applicant and recommends for issuing a detailed membership form to the applicant. Thereafter, the applicant fills up and submits the detailed application form. Then, it is again considered by the Finance and Membership Sub-Committee. The Finance and Membership Sub-Committee makes a final recommendation to the Board of Directors after knowing all details about the applicant. The Board of Directors in their meeting finally approves the membership.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to accept or reject any membership application without mentioning any reason. The whole process may take one to one and a half months’ time under normal circumstances provided all details are found to be satisfactory

Upon becoming a member of MCCI, any organization will get the opportunity to enjoy all the services offered by the Chamber. It will also be able to join and participate in the activities of the Chamber. The company will also benefit through regular communications of MCCI with the member organizations. MCCI undertakes various lobbying activities for upholding the collective interest of various sectors. MCCI represents a prestigious platform of the private sector businesses. It is a matter of honor for a member company to be part of the organization. It can join a collective voice to safeguard national interest. Any company can also give its inputs during a policy formulation process that may influence its business.