::MCCI-Guideline - Member Only


CAREER IN MEMBER FIRMS is a service limited to the MCCI general and associate members only to use the Chamber website to promote their company and recruit appropriate professionals by uploading job circular/s only. At this moment, this service is free of cost. Job circulars of MCCI members can be uploaded automatically just by logging in to the Chamber website using the respective user name and password without prior informing the Chamber. Upon appropriate upload, Chamber will be notified automatically. The Chamber reserves the right to cancel any job posting without any prior notice. For any exploitation or misuse of the service can bring action according to the constitution of the Chamber or law of the land.
Important notes:

1. Log In using the user name and password. The user name is provided by the Chamber. It is the same user name and password which is used to login the Chamber website. You can change the password by proceeding with change password option.
2. Fill the blank spaces marked * on the page of Job Circulars
3. Upload the Circular on PDF / JPG / JEPG format. The file size must not exceed 500 kb.
4. Mark the expiry date of the circular which should be the last date of application mentioned on the Job Circular.
5. The Chamber reserves the right to call off any circular from the website without any prior notice.
6. The Chamber also reserves the right to limit the display time / day of any posting without any prior notice.
7. The Chamber does not bear any responsibility of any form about the authenticity of the content and offers mentioned on the circulars.
8. Upon uploading the circular, it is assumed that the terms and conditions of using “CAREER IN MEMBER FIRMS” service offered by MCCI and COPYRIGHT & DISCLAIMER mentioned on the webpage are read, understood and agreed upon.