ACI Salt Limited

ACI Salt Limited

Representative: Mr. Syed Alamgir

Designation: The Managing Director

Address: ACI Centre, 245, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208

Phone: (+8802) 8878603

Fax: +88028878619-20

Email: [email protected]


ACI Salt Limited was launched in 2005. Within the very short period, it has been enjoying the pride of the brand leader. The best in its kind, ACI Salt is vacuum evaporated, free flowing and properly iodized. It is also very porous and free flowing. Iodine is coated in every single grain, which makes it an essential product for the children, as the absence of right quantity of iodine in their food may cause mental disability in them. ACI Salt won the “BEST BRAND OF BANGLADESH AWARD 2008” for unparallel customer loyalty, beating all the brands in foods and beverages category.