Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Dhaka (MCCI) is the oldest and most representative trade organization of Bangladesh. There are a very few trade organizations in this Sub-Continent which can be compared in terms of either longevity or effectiveness.

The Chamber has its membership roll of most leading commercial and industrial organizations including the public sector corporations and multinational companies. It holds a unique position in view of its affiliation with prestigious and recognized commercial and industrial organizations of the country. Presently almost all the established industrial organizations in private sector particularly in the manufacturing field, the public sector corporations, banks, non banking financial institutions, insurance companies, other service sector enterprises like telecom, IT and IT enabled technology related services, health and media are members of the Chamber.

Like its representative base, the Chamber’s Committee also consists of leading businessmen and professionals of both public and private sectors.

MCCI’s Nominations on Various Bodies / Advisory Committees:

The Committee’s nominations on various Bodies/Advisory Committees as under:

  1. National Committee on Exports
  2. Consultative Committee for Ministry of Commerce
  3. National Council for Industrial Development(NCID)
  4. Consultative Committee for the National Board of Revenue
  5. National Export Council
  6. Transport Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Communications
  7. Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute (BFTI)
  8. Advisory Committee for the Ministry of Textiles
  9. Chittagong Port Advisory Committee
  10. Custom House Advisory Committee, Chittagong
  11. National Consultative Committee on Power
  12. Standing Committee on Export Credit
  13. Bangladesh Institute of Management
  14. Council of Bangladesh Standards & Testing Institution
  15. ICD (Inland Container Depot) Advisory Committee, Dhaka
  16. Business Initiative Leading Development (BUILD)
  17. Advisory Committee for Securities and Exchange Commission