Bangladesh Petrochemical Company Limited

Representative: Mr. Khadem Mahmud Yusuf

Designation: Managing Director

Address: House # 14, Road # 5, Sector # 1, Uttara, Dhka-1230

Phone: +880 258952440


Email: [email protected]


Bangladesh Petrochemical Company Limited (BPCL) is pioneering the concept of creating worth out of waste in Bangladesh being the first and only post-consumer PET bottle recycling plant of the nation. Its operations epitomize the ‘recover and recycle’ business model in which post-consumer PET bottles that used to be considered waste is revived for new use. Starting its operation in July 2012, BPCL has set up a plant that is capable of producing 10,500 metric tons (MT) of recycled PET resin per year using used PET bottles as raw materials. BPCL is more than a PET resin producer. We are a company with an environmental commitment to lessen greenhouse gas emission and a social commitment to improve the life of waste pickers. BPCL goal is to improve the environment, eradicate child labor and bring fairness in the supply chain of recycling.